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  1. Hi, my proximity sensor is broken and I use Xposed only to install the Sensor Disabler module and set the proximity sensor value to the maximum distance. Is there a way to do this without Xposed? Thanks!
  2. Hi all. Haven't flashed a ROM since upgrading from the S3 to S4. I want to flash my S4 now because it's become far too bloated for use (I suspect that Samsung is purposely "updating" its bloatware in order to encourage me to upgrade). I've somehow only got 380mb internal storage free on my 16gb phone, despite only having 4 or 5 apps downloaded and rocking a 32gb sd card where I keep my music and photos. I'm a bit out of touch, so really just looking for recommendations for the stablest, lightest-weight in terms of storage space consumption ROM out there. I'm not picky about whether it's AOSP or TouchWiz, just want it to work. Also not picky about Android version, although the more recent the better, obviously. What do you suggest? Cheers

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